Fruit Salad

Watermelon, melon, papaya, mayonnaise dressing and grated cheese.

Rp 45.000

Chef’S Salad

Mixed vegetbales topped with smoke beef and special dressing.

Rp 55.000

Caesar Salad With Grilled Chicken

Mixed vegetbales with choice of smoked beef or grilled chicken served with caesar dressing and parmesan cheese.

Rp 60.000

Asparagus And Crabmeat Soup

Chinese chicken stock with asparagus and crabmeat served with soy sauce and chopped chili.

Rp 45.000

Tom Yam Soup

Hot & sour thai soup with seafood.

Rp 60.000

Pan Seared Salmon Pesto

Pan seared salmon pesto with a side of sauteed vegetable and potato.

Rp 137.000

Rotisserie Chicken

Roasted chicken served with BBQ sauce and sauteed carrot, potato, green beans, baby corn, cauliflower and edamame.

Rp 95.000

Chicken Steak

Chicken deep-fried breaded served with demiglace sauce.

Rp 80.000
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Cozy Room Only

Luas 22m², Tanpa Sarapan, No Refund

Rp 400.000 Rp 490.000

Cozy Room

Luas 22m², Denga Sarapan, No Refund

Rp 480.000 Rp 525.000

Comfy Room

Luas 33m², Dengan Sarapan, No Refund


Rp 600.000

Charming Room

Luas 33m², Dengan Sarapan, No Refund

Rp 670.000

Classy Room

Luas52m², Dengan Sarapan, No Refund

Rp 750.000